My passion is horses. It always has been. I love the beauty of seeing them run. Their spirits capture my heart whenever I see them. I try to reflect their stunning beauty and playful spirits in my work. My abstracts, while not paintings of horses, still reflect my feelings of their spirits. I continue to search for new ways to reflect their amazing souls through abstraction. I also love to paint other animals. I love the freedom expressed by animals in their movements and eyes. I try to capture them either in realism, semi-abstract or abstract. No matter what style I use, I am always sharing with the viewer my feelings and thoughts about the wonder of animals.





As a child, Sharon was forever filling up tablets with her sketches and she could be found painting on anything and everything. Her dad, a self-taught pen and ink cartoonist encouraged her art journey. He made sure she had the largest box of crayons and ample paper and paint. 


Art was always Sharon’s preferred subject in school. She acquired a degree from a commercial art institute, which lead to her being employed by a large advertising firm in St. Paul. She married and raised a son and daughter, who became her main focus for the next 20 years. 


But that didn’t stop the creative process. Her daughter’s pinafores were works of art, with appliques telling a story. Developing her tailoring skills, she maintained an alterations business from home for the next 33 years. When Sharon and her husband became “empty nesters,” her alteration business ended and her art journey resumed full throttle. 


Workshops by local and national artists provided Sharon with the technical base she now applies to her paintings. Her expertise continued by meeting with five watercolor artists for the next 18 years. Her tremendous love of horses is reflected in her abstracted representational pieces. Visiting a dude ranch each year renewed this passion for horses. Sharon continues to experiment with different mediums and abstract acrylics became her present focus. In 2013, Sharon and her husband moved from inclement Minnesota weather and built a home in San Tan Valley, making beautiful Arizona their permanent home. Want to put down her “art roots,” Sharon became a member of three art guilds. With many art opportunities available, Sharon continues to show her work at outdoor venues and galleries. Sharon feels that she was give a gift to share. Sharon believes “Art is inside my soul wanting to be painted on a canvas, board or watercolor paper. I am not complete without creating.” Her first loves, and the subjects she paints most frequently, are horses.


Sharon Peterson

252 E. Red Mesa Trail

San Tan Valley, AZ 85143


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2015-16 Gilbert Visual Arts

2 Honorable Mentions 2015

Honorable Mention 2016

2015   Anthem Art Festival

2015   Juried Olive Mill Art Show

2016   Juried Olive Mill Art Show (3)

2016   Juried Fountain Hills Fine Art and Wine

2016   Juried Gold Canyon Art Festival

2000-2014 Art On A Line St. Paul, MN

2013 Plymouth Fine Arts Council Plymouth MN

People’s Choice 2010

Award of Excellence 2010

1998-2014 North Star Watercolor Society

Award of Merit 2001

Award of Merit 2004

Honorable Mention 2009

2010-12 Crosslake Art Club Crosslake MN

People’s Choice 2010

2009  Juried Gallery Ninety-six 

People’s Choice Award

2008 Juried Gallery Ninety-six 

People’s Choice Award & piece was acquired

1st Place Award 




Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Carrincross MN

Sue Davidson MN

Fotini Donnelly MN

Robin Lindorfer MN

Marge Ferraro MN

Janice Strohmierer MN

Vicki Read MN



Commercial Art 1962-64 Minneapolis MN



2014 -  Present  Juried member of the San Tan Artists Guild

2014 -  Present  Member of Gilbert Visual Artist League

2014 -  Present Member of Mesa Arts Center

2014 -  Present Member of Arizona Art Alliance

2010-   2012 Member of Crosslake Art Club Crosslake MN

2002–  2014 Member of Gallery Ninety-six

1998 -  2014  Member of North Star Watercolor Society




Frank Webb 1999

Bridget O’Conner 2004

Judy Blaine 2005/2006

Rose Edin 2006/2007

Shirley Bedient 1995

Michaelin Otis 2001

Karlyn Holman 2001/2003

Sterling Edwards 2013

Gerald Brommer 2002

Lana Grow 2005-20014



First Avenue Gallery Rochester MN

Eaton’s Ranch Gallery,  WY



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